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I like the statement they make 'a surprising lack of engine vibration' which leads me to believe engines back then must have vibrated like crazy!

FG - most of us hard-core Ford guys (says the guy who now drives a KIA) always joke about Fords being the 'real mechanic's car' since Chebbies have 10+ times the number of parts available to the buyer. Us Ford guys have to find some NOS or ultra-rare part to get our cars on the road. Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but only slight.

Indeed, don't be shy - tell us about your stable of cars. We like cars.

Dennis, that Aero-Falcon still reminds me so much of my Dad's old '53 Plymouth Cranbrook. He wanted me so much to take that car home with me about 15 years ago (from Sacramento to Seattle). As much as I'd have loved to do it for him, all I could think about was the amount of work it needed and the number of Black Widow spiders I'd be hauling up the coast.

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