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My New Battery

My 42-lb Autocraft Gold size 24F battery with 875 cranking amps (CA) that was purchased on 2/09/13 went dead this past Friday on 6/23/17.

I considered replacing it with a battery that weighed 15-pounds less. Less weight would theoretically allow the car to take off and stop quicker. I surveyed the on-line auto parts stores and made the following summary chart of the batteries that they had listed as fitting the Falcon. The batteries are ranked from the lightest weights to the heaviest and I also made note of their reserve power, cranking amps, and price.

Comparison Chart.jpg

I studied the chart and considered the pros and cons, and ended up selecting the heaviest battery on the chart, the 45-pound Exide battery from Home Depot with a monster 960 cranking amps. What impressed me about it was that it was the most powerful battery on the chart and also one of the least expensive.

I ended up considering that a lighter weight battery would provide a theoretical performance improvement, but that instant starts are also a form of improved performance that is not theoretical. The heavier battery will provide a higher cranking power that l will notice every time I start the car. Dependability can also be thought of as a form of performance and the heavier battery has about 50% more reserve capacity than the lighter batteries.

The list price is $99.00, but Home Depot offers a 10% military discount so I got it for $89.10 (I am retired from the Naval Reserve). See:

Behold the Wonder and Grandeur of the Exide NASCAR Extreme Silver Shield 24FX battery. 800 CCA, 960 CA, 120-minute reserve capacity, 45 pounds. $89 at Home Depot. “Exide Premium Extreme line features superior power and dependability in more sizes. Exide Extreme will fit more domestic and import vehicles, than ever before. And with our advanced Silver Shield Technology, the Global Extreme delivers longer battery life and enhanced durability that keeps you charged even in the harshest weather.” It even has the little feet at the bottom of the battery that allows it to be used with the original Falcon battery clamp.

Exide 24FX Exide NASCAR Extreme Silver Shield.jpg

I also replaced my corroded positive battery cable with a "Made in USA, NAPA Mileage Plus, 4 gauge, 15-inch, Top Mount, 3/8 in. lug, red post terminal battery cable #781125 for $6.57. Fits Ford Falcon 1960 - 1965. Made Of Quality Copper Conductor w/ Cast Antimonial Lead Universal Terminals, Full-Gauge Stranded Copper Core Is Flexible For Easy Installation & Maximum Current For Quick Starting. Copper Core Extends To The End Of The Plated Lug To Give a One-Piece Solid Connection, Meets SAE Standards, PVC Insulation".

NAPA Mileage Plus battery cable.jpg
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