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OEM Batter Clamp

My last battery did not have the little feet so I used an aftermarket clamp that went across the top of the battery

My new battery has the feet so I wanted to re-install the original clamp. It turned out to be problematic because its nut was frozen onto the rusted bolt.
I used a die from my Harbor Freight tap and die set and cut new threads up to the frozen nut.
Then I put a drop of penetrating oil on it and unscrewed the nut which then allowed me to cut new threads all the way back to the bolt head.

I was proud of myself for refurbishing the original 54-year old nut and bolt.

I initially tried to install the clamp while standing in front of the car. That was difficult because the fan blade was where my hand and wrench needed to be. Then I tried leaning over the right fender and was able to tighten the nut easily using my left hand and a 1/2" wrench.

Cool! I am using the original battery clamp!
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