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Good morning, Roger.

Originally Posted by Luva65wagon View Post
Gosh, I've installed a hundred of these without a special socket. Just used a wrench across 2 flats. But it's interesting they make a socket for this!

In this particular instance the sensor was between the fuel pump and engine block. It looked like I would have to remove the fuel pump to get a wrench on it. The special socket did make it easy to remove the sensor. Oh, well.

Originally Posted by Luva65wagon View Post
The switch is on(closed)/off(open). It's closed when there is no pressure connecting the wire to ground (light on), off when there is no oil pressure. Pretty simple actually, but they can't tell you what the pressure is - unless they offer a minimum spec that says the switch will close at 15 PSI or something. Not sure they offer that info, though it could be a fun test to conduct someday.
Ford says that the 260 oil pressure = 35 – 55 psi.
The oil pressure sensor turns on at 3.0 - 8.3 psi.
(You have a problem if the oil pressure light comes on.)

The Falcon owner's manual says to check your oil level if the oil pressure light comes on. Ford thought that it was more likely that people would drive around with no oil than that their oil pumps would fail.

Oil Pressure Indicator.JPG
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