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My Emergency Gas Cap

On the way to work this morning, I stopped to put gas in the car. The gas cap turned but would not come off. I pulled on it, and the gas cap came off, but I heard a “tink” as the center screw from the gas cap fell into the the gas tank. Darn it!


I filled the car with 5.0 gallons so that there would not be too much sloshing around and drove to work. I used the gas cap as a template and cut a circle from a plastic coffee can lid to use as an emergency cover for the gas fill spout. I cut tabs in the disc to match those on the gas cap and aligned them with the notches on the fill spout. When I turned the disc clockwise the tabs locked it in place.

IMG_0257 (3).jpg

I was impressed that it worked so well.

Does the center of the gas cap require a special screw?
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