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White steering wheel cover

I had a black steering wheel cover that was installed by the previous owner maybe fifteen years ago and I have had it for the past five years. It was coming apart and needed to be replaced.

I went with a white wheel cover this time. The first Falcons came with black steering wheels standard. The Deluxe Falcons had white steering wheels, which I always admired. The white steering wheels look nice and do not get as hot while sitting in the sun.


It is a period correct Made in China "The Original Sport Grip, Size A - White". It was sized to fit 14 1/2" - 15 1/2" steering wheels, so I had to hold the top in place with a tie-wrap while I stretched the cover over my big 17" steering wheel.

Sport Grip 500 3.jpg

"Sport Grip gives extra protection to hands from a hot or cold steering wheel. Sport Grip lace-on steering wheel covers are made from our exclusive, extra-thick PorothermŽ material, which gives you the most comfortable cushioned grip available. And since it has a special textured surface, it won't slip through your hands."

The picture also shows my period correct “Kool Kooshion” ventilated automobile seat cushion. They are good for vinyl seats in the summer in a car without air conditioning.

Kool Kooshion Vintage Ad 2.jpg
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