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Watch out!

This is just a note of warning about selling on Craigslist. I think most of you saw the tools I am selling. I posted a Craftsman rollaway full of tools and got a response asking if it was still for sale. I answered yes.
The buyer Steven Wooden sent back this note. It looked very suspicious so found some information about this person. See the Google search below his note.

Thanks for your response, I am sorry I am not available to view due to the nature of my job, I am in the United States Army and serve as a CBRN Specialist (74D). I want to buy this for future use. I am currently deployed wont be back till December . We are not allowed to make or receive calls frequently for security reasons but we have internet access and that is our major means of communication to the outside world. I am OK with your asking price and if you don't mind, I can only pay through PayPal at the moment be cause its the most secure way to make or receive payment online this is why I'll prefer using PayPal to pay you, all I need is your PayPal email to make the payment and if you don't have a PayPal account, its pretty easy to set up at I also have a few questions for you.

Whats its condition, any damages? Can I see a few closely taken pictures? Are you the original owner and what is your reason for selling?

I hope you consider my offer. I am ready to buy, so you can take the add off Craigslist. I'll have a courier person come for pick up and storage after I make payment and money is in your hand. Thanks for understanding, hope to read from you soon
If you do a google search of Steven Wooden, this comes up, and a lot more.
Craigslist Military PayPal Scam The Unemployed Mom
Feb 9, 2011 - The following comes from a "Steven Wooden" Just a few red flags. ... I am in the United States Army and serve as a CBRN Specialist (74D).
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