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Possible swaps Falcon brake master cylinder

Hi folks, I spent some time looking for brake master cylinder swaps for my 1964 Ford Falcon, one of three Falcons I own, all '64.

I converted one years ago, I used a 67 Mustang dual brake master but it is very heavy and I want to use a lightweight master cylinder this time.

I bought a Cobra Automotive alloy 67 Mustang dual brake master but it is in every way larger than the steel version, so it won't fit, I knew a guy converting his master cylinder and when he removed his we checked to see if my alloy master would fit, it won't. By the way, it's for sale now, it's new never bolted on, by Cobra Automotive, $90 or o new but it will only fit a Mustang apparently.

I looked online, I was surprised that I did NOT find many search results for my query.

I know I read somewhere that the Geo Metro master fits, but cannot find it now.

How about you all, in your experience, what fits? I do not want boosted, just manual brakes.

Thanks all.

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