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Tire fitment '67 Falcon

I kind of figure I am probably on my own here, but I will throw it out there anyway. I am putting a modified '71 4v Cleveland in my '67 falcon, want to run 17" wheels, so I can run Toyo Proxes TQ drag radials on the back. Everything I hear is that the Toyos are about the only drag radial out there that really works well in the rain, not that we get much of that here in the beautiful PNW.
I would like to try to fit a 235 45 17 on the front on a 17x8 4.5" bs bullit wheel. I want to use Mustang Steves kit and run the 13" late model Mustang GT rotors on the front with a Shelby drop and cut 600lb per inch coils. I am a-ok rolling the fender lips, and it will probably be necessary. Anyone running this on the front of a '66-'69 Falcon? I know it will fit on the front of a '64/'66 mustang with the fender lips rolled, and I figure the later falcon has a similar amount of room up front, but I figured I would ask if anyone has done this?

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