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Finished my Falcon DISK BRAKE CONVERSION today...

My third disk brake conversion on a 1964 Falcon... finished it today. Last time I did this was at least 15 years ago! This one was tedious, like the last one, more problems than the last time, lots of running back and forth to O'Reilly's.

For those who will ask, I used a steel dual reservoir for a 1967 Ford Mustang V8 with disk brakes, brand new from O'Reilly's, I bought the pricey one for $90, I had a crappy one that was new but it had issues and when I saw how well made the reman one for 90 bucks was, I bought that.

I don't know where the disks came from, I was told from a Granada or Maverick, everything fit, so I guess they are. I used a Wildwood proportioning valve instead of the Granada factory part. I custom bent my own brake lines, and put it all together with what little summer we had left.

Finished bleeding the system today, gave it a back and forth test run, so far everything works fine, I'll give it a more serious test soon enough. What a lot of work, it doesn't seem like it would be a big job, but it is, oh, and I didn't even mention the changing of tie rods, center link, etc. which I did a couple years back.

Well, I gotta keep this short, I'll be happy to answer any questions when I get back on the site again. I now have two Falcons with disk brakes, the third Falcon was sent down the road many moons ago. I will keep my third Falcon, I have three, I will keep my factory original V8 Falcon bone stock, though, it won't get disks. Actually I don't think disks are needed, I'll explain another time. Gotta run!

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