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Turn key nothing happens

Hey guys, I am a relatively new owner of a 65 ford falcon. My problem is quite literally what I wrote as the article heading. (I have not yet looked through the sight completely so if there is already an answer I would love a link to it.)

When I turn the key to start the car, nothing happens unless I bypass the Solenoid, but that is a two man job and I don't always have a second person to assist me, plus I am guessing that puts awkward ware on the car. I have changed many things in the process to fix the car. I have changed the Solenoid, I have replaced the key cylinder (also known as a switch), I have replaced all my spark plugs and spark plug wires (I needed new spark plugs anyways.), and that is it for what I have replaced already. To my best abilities, I have followed the chord from the solenoid around the car and have seen nothing detached and none of the entire length of cable messed up. Once I bypass the solenoid by using a flat head screwdriver across the S terminal to the B terminal. Also, I have taken a voltage meter and have gotten no readings on the terminals. I know this information may cut out some things as the issue. Also, the transmission has been rebuilt recently. This didn't happen until I got it from the shop. It was fine beforehand. (In case, that may point to something more obvious that I wouldn't know.)

If you have any suggestions as to what to do next I would love to hear them. Thanks in advance! This is the only car I own and so as you can imagine it is a huge hindrance, and quite a pride test when it is down.

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