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The neutral safety switch wiring enters the firewall and goes to a two wire (one male, one female) connector that plugs into the main dash harness at or near the main firewall connectors under the dash.


The neutral safety switch wires are red with blue trace wires. Because you have the combined connector you'll have to make a jumper. Earlier individual bullet-style connectors you simply unplugged the two blue/red-trace wires coming from the switch and plugged the male connector into the female connector on the main dash harness side (jumping the switch side does nothing). You can't do that with a combined connector and Ford had a pre-made jumper for manual transmission cars. Once jumped you will not have the switch keeping the car from starting, if that was the case.


Here is what you may also see.

neutral extension.jpg

The neutral safety switch plugged into the combined connectors (along with the backup light wires) and then they fed it into the firewall (grommet part) and then you had the individual male/female bullets. That would make life easier, but if you have the two combined connectors under the dash, you'll need to make a jumper.

Note also the neutral safety switch on the transmission has the backup light switch built into it too, so you will see two pairs of wires from the transmission mounted part.

Good luck (following my destructions) !
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