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Andrew - I've done about a half-dozen of these "upgrades." The diagram you posted is the DSII wiring diagram and as you see there is a full 12 volt feed and a resistor feed. The resistor feed (AKA Ballast resistor on the diagram or the "pink" wire under the dash) can be negated if you get an aftermarket coil capable of running 12 volts all the time. Most aftermarket and e-core style coils will run all the time at 12-15 volts. The need of the ballast resistor is only for older/OEM coils.

If you keep your coil the Falcon has a "resistor wire" to do the same thing as this ballast resistor, so you can use it. It is the pink wire under the dash plugged into the short bullet connector on the IGN switch. It runs loosely taped "external of the dash harness" up to the firewall connector. At the engine side of the firewall connector it becomes the red/green going to the + coil terminal and the red/blue wire running to the "I" terminal at the starter solenoid. You'll need to also run a parallel wire from the IGN terminal of the key switch to feed the full 12 volts (red wire on your diagram).

The "I" terminal feed to the module is a retard "trigger" feature to make it easier to start the engine, but on the falcon you have this wire connected also to the IGN wire from the switch, as noted above. You'll need to disconnect the red/blue Falcon "I" terminal wire (tape it off) and run a stand-alone wire from the solenoid "I" terminal to the DSII connector as noted.

If you need further insight - or clarifications - let me know.
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