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Recurve Duraspark

Hey fellas!

I'm taking a new Duraspark II that I just bought to Vintage Racing Motors in Redmond to get it recurved on their distributor tester. Here's the curve I'm going for and some specs for my `62. Probably way too much info but I figured it couldn't hurt. Just wanted your opinion on the curve specs. Anything else I should bring up when I talk to them? I'll have the car with me too.

Desired Curve:
750 rpm at idle (in gear)
Ported vacuum advance at idle
12 btdc initial timing
24 mechanical advance
36 total advance all in at 3000 rpm

Engine block: 1968 200ci, specs unknown, likely stock

Cylinder head: 1982 200ci
Oversized stainless steel valves (1.5" exhaust, 1.75" intake)
Three-angle valve job (Top Cut: 30, Valve Seat: 45, Bottom Cut: 60).
Undercut intake valve 30 (not exhaust valves).
Unshrouded valves
Combustion chamber polished and equalized volumes
Milled head .030 (57cc chambers, 8.1:1 CR)

Carburetor: Weber 32/36 DGV 2bbl progressive

Cam: Unknown, likely stock for 200ci w/hydr lifters:
252/256 (duration)
7 (int open)
65 (int close)
55 (exh open)
21 (exh close)
28 (overlap)
348 (valve lift)

Ignition control box: MSD 6A

Coil: MSD Blaster2, 45,000V

Exhaust: "Classic Inlines" Headers w/single 2" pipe

Transmission: C4 Automatic

1971 4-lug 8 Rearend (2.79:1): 2,350 rpm @ 50 mph, 2500 rpm @ 55 mph, 2,700 rpm @ 60 mph, 2,900 rpm @ 65 mph, 3,100 rpm @ 70 mph, 3,350 rpm @ 75 mph

Fuel: generally 87 octane regular

Kenny Likins
Ballard, Seattle, WA

`62 Tudor Sedan (`69 200, C4, 8-inch 4-lug 2.79 rearend, Duraspark II, MSD, Weber 32/36 DGEV)
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