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Thanks for your response, I am sorry I am not available to view due to the nature of

Well, the good news first. I took the car out for a drive and the vibration is gone. FINALLY. It was the driveshaft all along. I am pleased, and a little frustrated that Drivelines NW didn't do their normal "perfect" workmanship.
I will say, that I have never heard a negative thing about them. The thing that bothers me, is that this has been going on for over a year. Plus, it cost me a bunch troubleshooting. And, I am not sure that the driveshaft didn't have something to do with the other differential going bad. Oh well.
The Bible tells me to give thanks continually no matter what circumstance I am in. More on that in a minute.
Now to the bad news. I drove the car on that test trip down to highway 9 where I could get it up to speed. A truck passed me and pointed to the front end. Glanced at my gauges and saw the temp gauge at 250.
Pulled into the Chevron on 9 and 164th. Boiling over.
Water was pouring out at the gasket on the thermostat housing/intake. I have allen head bolts there, and one is hard to get at. Just as I was leaving my house, my son said "Dad what is that squealing"? I stopped, got out, but with my hearing loss, higher pitched sounds don't register.
At the chevron I added water, thought about driving the 7 miles home, but it over heated before I got out of the Chevron.
Called AAA, waited 2 hours for a tow truck, got home, pulled the fan belt off, and it looks like the water pump is making the noise.
Now back to God. Most of you know, I believe the Bible and everything in it. I post a lot of items dealing with my beliefs, and hundreds of times I have said, "there are no coincidences" Everything happens for a reason. Both bad and good. My bad thing, is nothing compared to what others in this world are dealing with. So, I give thanks, for my miniscule issues.
I went in the chevron, to buy a coke. I didn't have much money, so asked the clerk, "how much is this coke" He said $1.71 tax included. I had exactly $1.71. God is so fun sometimes. Larry
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