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Kelly - I have a factory-replacement Holley 1-barrel (what Ford sold as a replacement when they discontinued the Autolite 1100) that was used on my wagon, rebuilt and then used on the Ranchero until I did the Weber upgrade. It is available (forever) if you want to still take your wagon to the show by Friday. Just sitting in a box in my garage. I know you had a very unique carb as I recall, but the Holley would adapt just fine.

The weber update can be done using the Stovebolt adapter, which I have one of (going to collect dust as well, otherwise), but even still it needs a few other adaptations to make it work (a plate Kenny had to make and linkage changeover). Not a 3-day job unless you either a) have a lot of time, or b) a lot of money to pay someone who does.

Jeff, I understand, is gonna do it the way I did it. He's making a copy of my custom adapter I'm told. Mine took days to make, but works very slick.
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