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Originally Posted by pbrown View Post
The Kroil did the trick for me. I had to remove several exhaust bolts on the Saab.
Has always worked for me as well. Bought a gallon of it 20 years ago before doing a full frame-off on my '56 Panel. Worked wonders. Could have got by with a pint, though I have since used all but a pint of it up.

FWIW, it doesn't like sitting in pump oil cans for long. Seems to almost reverse the anti-corrosion process after a while and the pump cans began to corrode inside and stop squirting. Some kind of scale built up. Using the tin-can bottom oilers solved that. Aerosol cans seem to last well too, but at the time I started using it they either didn't offer it in spray cans - or the cost didn't make sense. Too long ago to remember which...
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