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Hot temperatures

Originally Posted by SmithKid View Post
In Eastern and Central Washington, 100+ temps aren't that unusual; I was in central WA yesterday where the temp was 106 at 4 PM but with very low humidity, so not as uncomfortable as 10 degrees lower on the W side.
It was in the news a few days ago that a record number of children had died after being left in hot cars with the windows rolled up.

My theory:
I believe that this is a unintended result of air conditioning becoming near universal in automobiles. Most drivers (at least here in Tampa) never roll their windows down anymore. Their air conditioners stay on and their windows always stay up. That makes it both easier to forget a child in the back seat and more deadly when it happens.

People left their windows down when they drove older cars without air conditioning. When they left a car somewhere they would have to manually roll the windows up before locking the doors. That would force a person to see a kid in the back seat and made it almost impossible to accidentally leave them in a car with rolled up windows.

For hot weather driving, which is most of the year in Tampa, I roll all the windows down and push my vent windows all the way out so that they act like air scoops to move more air through the car. I also roll my trouser legs up so that I can feel the air from the vents. The black paint does not seem to make the interior of the car hotter than any other color (at least once I am moving) because the air blowing through the car is the same temperature as the outside air temperature. The roof provides shade.
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