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Originally Posted by Tikitime View Post
The next thing that will probably be done is for safety. The brakes are just not up to even 1970's standards. But before I even go there I need to make some decisions. Whether or not I upgrade to say a grenada? front end pieces from a junkyard (cheap) ~300$?

Any and all advice/experience is appreciated.
I did a front disc conversation on my 63 this summer using scarebird hardware. Using this kit.

If you don't care about running stock wheels you can do it even cheaper by going this way.

I'm very happy with the way it turned out. A couple of advantages of using this kit. Allows you to fit them behind the stock 14" wheels. I really wanted to keep the stock bottle cap hub caps.

Some may be offended by the use of chevy calipers and honda rotors. To me it's just old school hot rodding, by using what is cheep and effective.

I bought rebuilt calipers with pads and all off eBay for $65. Rotors were less than $50 for the set. And I used a dual master for safety. No need for a balance valve. I bought one but it's wide open and the rears don't lock up. This setup works best with a 15/16" bore master.

If you are careful this job could be done for about $400 total.

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