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My 1964

Michael, I had never welded before except for a short class on acetylene welding 40 years ago. It was something I decided for my Falcon as soon as I started. I hated the front suspension, the power steering was horrible, and I wanted to have room a different engine and headers. Removing the shock towers made that easier.
Now, you don't need to do any of that to achieve a better suspension, and they also have headers that fit with the shock towers still in.
The total job was not hard. Heidts sent detailed install sheets with each part and each step was easy to follow.
I am attaching install instructions from their website. Remember, every change has good points and bad points. I knew I never wanted a restored car. I wanted a show/hot rod. If you are concerned about cutting and removing the shock towers, then go a different path.
You can install a small block V-8 without touching the towers and there are tri-y headers that fit. There are some updates that several guys on here can help with to improve your suspension. Good luck. Larry
Larry Smith
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