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I am curious what the difference is between the HiPo and the standard 289V cast iron manifolds? Or for that matter after market Hedmans or the like. Also other than the obvious why use X pipes instead of H and the turbo muffs instead of 50 style Flowmasters? The reason I ask is that I am in the process of setting up the exhaust on my '65. I have had the original 289 built to 305 specs using Edelbrock performance series heads, 4B carb and manifold. I have also installed Hedmans. I have got 50 style flowmasters ready to install. So am wondering what the considerations are in building the exhaust (except to be at the mercy of the shop I have it done at). I also realize I do not have a HiPo motor. I would guess finding one would be next to impossible. Comment?

Jerry Kirby
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