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Friends know each others names

I'm often reading posts from users who have no signature in their threads and a user name that isn't their name and ask myself, "Have they used their name before?" "Do I want to call them 6365Falconguy?"

The answer of course, is No. We'd all like to know who you are so when we reply to your thread we can call you out by name. So if you have not done so yet, please consider adding a simple salutation at the end of your thread, or adding a signature to your thread so we can remember who you are. If you don't know how to do this, here's how:

1) Look up in the header of the forum and find Quick Links and select "Edit Signature"

2) This will open a little dialog window where you can create what looks to be a post - just like you see here. I've made a screen capture of what my signature looks like, which you can see below.

3) Enter whatever you want to have show at the end of your thread each time. You can be slightly creative with fonts and sizing. Just highlight the text you want to alter and select an action (font, size, bold, etc).

4) Some of us like a picture of our car. You need to have a pretty small thumbnail view of it. Try not to go too big (stay about 80 pixels or less in height). But you will see a place down below the editor for inserting the picture. My picture, for instance - though it looks like two pictures - is really one picture. It's edited to look like two. You can only have one, so this is how I managed. I was crafty and even selected the same color as seen in the threads to divide the two pictures. But that's just me.

5) When done - save your signature and they will magically appear in every thread you've ever done.

6) We will now know you.

7) We will all be happy.
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