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Originally Posted by TechBoss View Post
Hello, my name is Rod Neumann. I've had lots of different Fords over the years, but am currently the proud owner of a 1964 Falcon Sprint Convertible. The car retains the stock color, Wimbleton White, but otherwise has significant adaptations enhancing its look and performance. The interior was transitioned from Palamino (brown/tan) to Black, the manual 3 speed was swapped for a T-10 4 speed, the 260 has been replaced with a 289 and the stock 14" rims have made way for a set of Hurst Dazzler 15x7 (rear) and 15x6 (front) wheels. I am interested in meeting some other Ford/Falcon owners and discovering more about this pre-pony car.

HI Rod,
For some reason I seem to think I recently read an article about you and your car somewhere...? Was it the Seattle Times? Welcome to the forum.
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