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I like the free show angle. On the other hand, a $5 or $10 fee at a show never bothers me as I realize it takes money to put it on. Some people are put off by it. But, I really doubt we would lose any participants because of a small fee.

As long as someone is willing to put in the legwork for the trophies I think they would be OK. But they can't impact the budget unless we vote on it. I'm not sure that we actually have a budget for this year's show but there was one last year and there was nothing for awards other than a "Longest Miles Driven" cash award.

Having said all of that, Monte Brachmann said they've always intended to keep the show free and not give awards. He's with the Columbia River club, who hosted the first two shows. When it goes back to them next year the tradition may not continue.

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