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Smashed bushings.

Originally Posted by doghows View Post
Dennis as smashed as those are did you have the steel sleeve inside the bushings? I think the washer may have some effect on it but if that sleeve is not there you will definitely get what I see in the pics.
Darn it! I think that you are right, Steve. (I really like this club.)

The metal sleeve spacers must have been left out.

The bushings kit that I had ordered from came with the spacers.
Strut Bushing Kit.jpg

The poly-graphite bushings that I ordered this evening evidently will come with a new set of metal spacer sleeves. This was the photograph they used to illustrate the bushings:
POLYSBK-gen (1).jpg

In the link to the previous discussion on bushings Pat said "Get new rubber bushings for this location. Don't use poly on stock strut rods." Why is that?

The bushing diagram is kind of odd in that it shows that the washer on the front of the car has the dish facing inward, while the washer on the back has the washer facing outward. I wonder why that is?
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