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Drag Racing

Moved my Falcon out to the new garage. Have the new 9" housing, axles and bearings on order. Can't afford to get the third member yet. Too close to Christmas to spend that much. When I get the new housing I will pull the old one. Install the new, install the driveshaft loop that I have, and install the line lock system.
The third member is a Strange rear end with 4:11 gears, traction lock and 31 splines.
Then will need some steel wheels and slicks. I think I will stick with 14 wheels but still not positive about that yet.
I intend to take a whole lot of pictures of the rear end swap, loop install and line lock. May use them for upcoming newsletters. That is if I can figure out how to do a newsletter. It is hard being an old fart.
Also, now I can get my truck back in the house garage and not freeze my bottom off everyday. Larry
Larry Smith
1964 Futura
347 stroker

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