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Ideal classic (carb) V8 for restomod falcon

What kind of fast? Fast top end, low end? Trouble is, where do you get to go fast? The only place around here that I seem to be able to get on the throttle is at on ramps to the freeway. I did get over a 100 on the freeway between Reno and Carson City, but that is dangerously expensive if caught. My son in law has the Audi sports car and recently got a ticket for going over 100 and it cost more than a grand. Not counting insurance increases I imagine.

I am in total in agreement with Pat. For reliability the 302 is the engine. It can be stroked out to 331 or 347 easily and is not too expensive, You can get anywhere from 200-2000 horsepower out of those depending on dollars.
For horsepower, the heads are where the money goes and the power come from. Then the intake, and then the carb/injection.
I have duals, but they are not made for horsepower, more for looks. They perform well, but not as good as the big four barrel or injection. Turbo?
The T5 that I installed is absolutely the best investment I put into my car. Next, I really enjoy the E cutouts I installed. Now it sounds as loud as it is fast. Now they are half the price that I paid for my set. Just the kid in me I guess. Larry
Larry Smith
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347 stroker

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