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My Falcon attended a car show!

The Falcon club in Florida is called the Sun Coast Falcons. Here is a group shot of that brave band of hearty adventurers that I took at our meeting this past September. Look at the little dog's ears:

Sun Coast Falcons.jpg

A big event for the club is to attend the annual car show called the Lake Mirror Classic in Lakeland. Lakeland is about 35 miles east of Tampa. That event took place this past Saturday. See: I bought my car two years ago but with all the ups and downs of repairs, this was the first time that I had been able to join the club and attend the show. We mustered six Falcons, four 64/65 hardtops, a 1963 hardtop (mine), and a 1963 convertible.



We parked our Falcons together in a larger grouping of old Fords. I was parked on the end of the Falcon row and next to a 1964 Fairlane and a 1960 Galaxie Starliner. That gave a nice visual comparison between the full sized Ford, the mid-size, and the compact. I talked to the owners of those two cars and they were both really nice guys. The Fairlane guy has owned his car since 1964. The Galaxie owner talked about how his uncle had a car a car like that when he was a kid and how later on his uncle had let him borrow the Starliner when he had a date. There were also a lot of old Thunderbirds parked on the opposite side of the street from the Falcons.


Here is a photo of a non-Falcon car that I liked. This is an all-original 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser with 45,000 miles. I remember that I used to laugh at those cars when I was in high school. The green paint and wood grain siding scream early 1970's. It's funny how that old station wagon looks better to me now than all the stupid SUV's that you see everywhere. I was disappointed by not seeing any Valiants and Corvairs.


On the drive over to Lakeland from Tampa we drove east on Hwy 60 and were routed on a long detour. Coming back, we headed west on I-4. I have had my Falcon on the interstate before to make test drives, but that was the first actual trip that I made on the Interstate with it with my wife sitting next to me. I stayed in the right lane and the Falcon just cruised along with traffic with no fuss and no problems. It drives like a real car now! A couple of other drivers smiled and waved at us.

I also drove my Falcon to work all five days this past week. All I originally wanted for this car was for it to be reliable daily driver. It turned out to be that and much more. Every time I drive this car it amazes me with how easily it starts, how smoothly and quietly it idles at red lights, how nicely it handles, how smoothly it rides, how it accelerates without hesitation, and how it LEAPS forward when I tromp on it. Yeah! It is a very nice little car and an absolute pleasure to drive.
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