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The opposite corner of the continent.

Originally Posted by SmithKid View Post
So..... where is Dennis in the 1st foto? Taking pic?
Hey, Gene.

Yea, I am being anonymous behind the view finder. Here are a few more shots that I took at our September club meet. The blue car is a 1960 Fordor sedan. The outside door handles have been removed and the driver opens the door with a key fob. It is a nice looking little car. The owner should have taken it to the car show:

Back yard.jpg

Here was a demonstration of how to use a tool to install a trunk torsion bar (notice the beer in hand). Prior to this demonstration it had never occurred to me that the torsion bars are adjustable. There are different notches to where you can adjust them stiffer or slacker.

Torsion Bar Instalation.jpg

Here is a guy giving a demonstration of how to disassemble an Autolite 2100 carburetor, I think (maybe a 4100?). Those carburetors are so simple, and yet what they do is so incredible.

Autilite Carburetor.jpg

Here is something that I read on the internet: "The 2100's, like the four-barrel 4100's, use annular discharge boosters that atomize the fuel. This results in performance and fuel efficiency more akin to a throttle body injection system than a carburetor. Ford patented this in 1957. Atomizing the fuel allows it to burn more evenly, creating more power with less fuel, and therefore, more efficiency. The engineering involved in the “Annular Fuel Discharge” design is tremendous. This technique of metering/distributing/mixing fuel into the air stream atomizes fuel closer to the vapor state than any other carburetor ever manufactured, and it is vapor that burns, not liquid. Because of the Annular Fuel Discharge principle - fuel economy is superior, throttle response increased, and overall performance is enhanced. The carburetor will run virtually forever until dirt enters it."
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