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Hey Gary,

I just rebuilt a rocker arm assembly and getting those posts off was tough. I put an open end wrench that was just larger than the shaft on top of them and tapped them off with a hammer! Once they got started and broke loose, I could twist most of them off.

If the shaft is worn on the bottom where the rocker arms ride, a new one is pretty cheap ($25) and it might be good to replace it. It will also assure a good flow of oil. On the end post where the oil comes up from the head (toward the firewall), you can also enlarge the bolt hole a bit from the bottom to where the shaft comes through. Oil has to get around the bolt and it's pretty tight quarters. Use a dremel and rat-tail file. One last thing, make sure you run a drill bit through the holes in the rocker arm that drip oil down on the valve tip and push rod ends. They can get really plugged up. You can even enlarge the one that points toward the valves a bit.

There's a good sticky post on the Ford Six Forum with photos and pointers:

Anything to get maximum oil to the assembly is a good thing to do!

Kenny Likins
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