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Hi Joe,

We replaced the front glass which I bought and had installed by Glass Doctor. We re-sealed the rear glass and installed it ourselves. I bought the seal kits from Dearborn. They are good material and the guy that came out from Glass Doctor had no problem with using them. I haven't gotten the car on the street yet but we hosed down both front and rear in the driveway with no apparant leaks. If I remember right the glass and install cost about $250 and the guy came out to the house to do it. One little side note, when I started calling around to get the new windshield I asked if they had an installer that had been around awhile and has worked on older cars. There is a difference how they do it now and how they did it in the 60's. Of course you have a wagon so obviously the rear glass thing would be altogether different. Which is a good thing because getting a new glass for the rear on my hdtp would have been $750. I opted to use the original.

Jerry Kirby
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