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EFI ready gas tank for '61 Falcon


I'm looking for an "EFI ready" fuel tank for 61 Falcon. I see they are avail for early Mustang but not Falcon. I prefer to get one that already has provisions for the electric pump & vertical style sending unit instead of modifying mine.

I understand the filler neck location is different... but otherwise I believe the 16 gal aftermarket tanks are the same dimensions and will drop in a Falcon trunk. And it appears that you should be able to adapt/modify a filler neck to mate up properly w/the tank.

Your thoughts on using/adapting an early Mustang "EFI Ready" tank to a 61 Falcon would be much appreciated. I also understand an "in trunk" non-vented filler is also an option with the Mustang tank.

Also curious if anyone knows why the filler necks on the early Falcons were at such an odd angle.

If this subject has been discussed previously, I didn't find it. Pls point me in the right direction.

Thx- Fred

Fred Pennington
'62 Falcon
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