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Many use the Mustang tank as a swap, but do the in-the-trunk-fill option and negate the rear panel fill (and forever save your paint job). It's a good swap since the odd-angle you speak of is no longer a concern. If you plan to maintain the external fill I think you can still fanangle the connection, but you'll probably need to use your McGyver hat.

And who knows why Ford could't have designed the filler neck the same on both cars since all the other dimensions were the same.

On the early Falcon there was a vent tube leading out fumes of the trunk, so you use a non-vented cap in the case of an alternate fill tube (most use a straight F100 filler neck) and the tank vents as needed using the vent tube. If the Mustang tank doesn't give you that vent tube option, I don't suspect it would be hard to add.

Hope this helps.
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