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Roger - Thx...

I've seen that some of the tank mfgs offer an in-trunk fill option. Coincidently, the gas "urped" out of my '61 on the garage floor yesterday but luckly caught it just after it happened... I wasn't as luck on my '62 a couple years ago. You would think the vent tube would help eliminate that. Better check to see if its clogged.

And I agree that one should be able to modify a fill tube to mate with the tank. Seems very close to the Mustang setup.

I found it interesting that I posed the same question to every mfg I could find that offers Mustang tanks and most agreed it would fit and one could adapt a filler neck but a couple did not recommend it and none had any first hand experience with the install.

Regarding the vent... the setup I am considering using includes a vent port fitting on the fuel pump.

The reason I am researching this is I have a 331 strocker running the MSD TBI with a return and external fuel pump in the '61... would like to get the pump noise down and keep the pump cooler.

Looks like I will probably take the plunge and let you know how it works out.

Thx for the feedback - Fred

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