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For educational purposes.

I saw these on e-bay under "vintage photos Ford Falcon":

1962 Falcon - The driver was rescued by an heroic San Francisco police officer. He is approaching the driver's door in the right side of the photo. I am not sure, but the shape of the roof makes it look like it might be a Ranchero (see photo below). The back wheels look like they are shoved forward up to the back of the cab and it looks like the transmission (!!?) is sticking out sideways from under the hood. Yikes! A Ranchero is evidently safer in the event of a gas tank fire because the gas tank is under the bed and there is a steel bulkhead (and glass window) behind the front seat that separates the cab from the flaming gasoline from a ruptured gas tank. That might be why the driver in this case survived. In a Falcon sedan or coupe there is just a piece of cardboard and the back seat between the interior of the car and the gas tank, and the gas tank serves as the floor of the trunk.
Flaming Falcon2.JPG

1962 Ranchero. Note shape of roof and position of rear window and rear wheels.

1962 Ranchero.jpg

The caption describes a rear end collision:
Flaming Falcon description.jpg

A 1962 front-ender. The passenger compartment is intact. The lady inside looks OK.
1962 Falcon.JPG

A 1962 Futura roll-over. The 1962 Falcons were not having much luck. This 1962 would be a two door sedan and have a center post that would have made the roof relatively stronger than that of a hardtop. The hardtops were introduced in mid-1963 and were available until 1965, I believe.
1962 roll over.JPG

A happier photo of a little girl on the hood of a 1960 Falcon:
1960 Falcon.JPG
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'63 Futura Hardtop (260, Ford-O-Matic, bench seat)

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