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Shoulder belts

Originally Posted by pbrown View Post
It looks as if you have your shoulder belts mounted to the floor. You should reconsider. That setup can cause spinal compression in an accident. The mount points should be level or slightly above the heights of your shoulder.
Thanks, Pat.

I am always willing to reconsider. Here is an alternate method that is applicable to my hardtop body style. "Option 3" refers specifically to Falcons. I have a bench seat and this looks like it is designed for a bucket seat, but maybe it wouldn't matter. The in-board strap would mount to the floor and come up under the back rest the same as my lap belt does now. The biggest difficulty is that the installation would require removing the headliner. That is a problem.



Here is a grim but interesting article written in 1970 about injuries caused by seatbelts.
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