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Originally Posted by Jeff W View Post
Hi Dennis, we were just down to Orlando last week to visit the Big Mouse. It was a great time but sadly I learned that Snooty died last fall. He was the oldest living Manatee in the world. Apparently he drown after getting into a restricted area of the pool. Sad day when your childhood disappears... kind of like when Toyota uses a Beatles song for their car commercial.
Hello, Jeff

Did you drive your Falcon???!!!

I didn't mention about it here when it happened to Snooty because the whole thing was so sad. A lot of people were upset about it and were demanding that the director be fired.

On a happier note, I saw this 1957 Lincoln Continental while leaving the grocery store this afternoon. I hopped out and and the owner walked up as I was taking pictures. He asked: "Do you like old cars?" Man, I LOVE that old Lincoln.



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