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I like vacuum tubes.

Hello, Roger.

I have not had the radio serviced, but I don't hear the static when it is running off just the battery. I hear the static when the engine is running and it gets louder when the engine runs faster. The antenna mast should be shielded from the engine by the hood and fenders, so my guess is that the static is coming through from the power supply.

Another twist is that the broadcast signal from the MP3 player is not very strong, so I have to turn the radio up and that makes the static louder. So ... I am going to try adding an amplified antenna inside the car and right next to the MP3 player. I'll mount the antenna under the dash right next to the MP3 player. That should minimize interference from other radio stations or external static and it will feed an amplified signal to the FM converter so I should not have to turn the AM radio up as loud to hear the music. The antenna amplifier has a red wire that goes to a 12V power supply.

amplified antenna.JPG

I ordered this amplified (see above) “New Universal Car Windshield Glass Electronic Radio Non-Directional Antenna 12V” from e-bay for $2.87, including shipping from Hong Kong. The price seemed right. “Can amplify FM signals. Strengthen the weak signal receiving sensitivity.” Specifications: Input voltage: 12V, FM gain: 203dB, AM gain: 18dB, Absorption: -8mA, Power supply: 60-100 MA, Working frequency: 48-860 Hz, Noise factor: ≤ 7 dB, Output impedance: 75 Ω, Output standing wave: ≤3.
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