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the weird thing was everything was working in this car..
I've been driving it for a couple of weeks.. every now and then I would have a hard time finding first or reverse..
Then one evening while driving home I went to shift from first to second and nothing.. it was like something was binding up..

I got the car home and played with the linkage everything seemed ok.. so I disconnected the linkage at the transmission levers..

Felt like the binding was in the tranny so I dropped the tranny... by the time I got the tranny to my work bench everything was working again?? so i inspected the inside anyways.. nothing seemed out of the ordinary and the tranny looks almost new inside..

So I took the column apart and everything there seems fine as well..
So I'm replacing parts that seem worn or that could be part of the problem..
My shift collar was actually cracked at the top hole for the roll pin.. I got really stupid and thought maybe i could weld it and drill a new hole.... yeah why are they made of pot metal anyways?

Now I have my dash all torn apart and started painting everything, becasue it needed to be done and i have nothing better to do while I'm waiting for parts.

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