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Freddie's prognosis

Lots of progress on Freddie since the site went down and came back. So lots to update here. After playing musical cars, which was fun...

2017-02-11 14.52.23.jpg

I got Freddie safely into the garage after finishing up with my depersonalizing the wagon so I can get it listed elsewhere...


I then set out to look into what's up with "her" and her drivability/running issues. After not too much hunting I believe I narrowed it down to flooding. Though I've not looked into the carburetor much, it is pretty evident the car is loading up with fuel.



I also noticed the Classic Inlines intake on this, unlike most intakes having the carb base leveled out relative to the motor, was the same as the motor...


To address this I picked up a base wedge to get the carburetor back to level. Hopefully this will allow the carburetor float levels to be set correctly, which may help. The plan is to rebuild the carburetor too just to satisfy my mind on that...


I then moved onto a pretty significant dismantling of Freddie; beginning with all the wiring forward of the front seats... including some unnecessary bits I found up under the dash as well as all the dssh wiring...


I also pulled all the wiring from the engine compartment and will be making a new harness based upon the parts going back into it...


While poking around after pulling the intake I did notice some signs of leakage around the freeze plugs and a few of the other fittings (plumbed with Teflon tape - mostly evil stuff in my opinion), so out came the headers and I have a set of brass freeze plugs coming and will remove all the fittings too and seal it all up to my liking.


I will be repainting the motor black, which is my preferred look. This will make the other cooler items, like the aluminum head and manifold, stand out. Plus it stays cleaner 'looking' longer. Moving the battery to the trunk too - to really show off the motor better.

Nope, not quite done yet...

I then gutted the interior of just about everything in preparation for some floor repairs (thankfully not too bad) and a full Dynamat treatment - under the dash to the trunk. The car will be dead silent after this. Have a new firewall pad and a 2-speed wiper system going in as well as renewing heater. I thought it had been done, but I saw antifreeze in it when I pulled it, so WIAI...


More to come...
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