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Originally Posted by Luva65wagon View Post
After not too much hunting I believe I narrowed it down to flooding. Though I've not looked into the carburetor much, it is pretty evident the car is loading up with fuel.
The primary metering plate has oversized Idle Fuel Restriction ports (IFR). Pat did the mod to the metering plate a long time ago. We did this just to get it rich enough to idle with extremely low idle vacuum due to the old cam. It may not be needed with the current cam. It can be "un-modified"... Pat tapped the ports with a 6-32 thread, screwed in 6-32 set screws, and drilled a holes in them one drill-size larger than the original ports. One would only need to screw in new set screws and drill holes in them one drill-size smaller than the holes in the current plate.

It also has richer main jets. In attempting to improve driveability, quite some time ago, I experimented with the jets. I got the best driveability [with the old cam] using #57 jets. I'm assuming that's what's still in there. The carb came with #51's. The goody bag I included has a variety of jets: #53, #55, #59, and of course the original #51's.
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