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New Wheels

I already commented on your beautiful wheels and still love the change it made to the car.
Now, my two cents about the rear end 4:11 gears you have. I recently installed the 4:11 gears mainly to drag race the car. But, I have the Tremec T5Z and would not have changed to the 4:11 if I had a four speed.
It was crazy enough when I had the C4 transmission even with the 3:26 gears or whatever I had.
I usually drive my car around now in 4th gear with the lower gear ratio while going slower speeds, but when I get to 35-40 I shift into 5th gear. In fourth, the RPM's make the car annoying to drive and too loud.
With the four speed you have, I agree that going to a higher gear ratio would make it more fun to drive.
You have a beautiful car and fun to drive is the key issue now. Larry
Larry Smith
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