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I managed to do a a little work this weekend.

The newly shortened driveshaft is installed and has a perfect 3/4" of exposed yoke on the slip joint.

I had to grind away a small amount of material in the cross brace to make room for the speedometer sending unit plug. The new tranny is has an electronic sending unit instead of a cable. It's in the same place as the cable would be and the plug would not allow the tranny to go high enough to sit on the new T5 crossmember.

Speaking of crossmembers, this new T5 crossmember has the parking brake pivot welded on too high. The parking brake parts touch the driveshaft. I'll need to cut that off and weld it back on one inch lower.

I'm also fiddling around with the exhaust. I have some 2 1/4" mandrel bent pieces from Summit Racing and I'm trying to figure out how to best go about fitting them in. There is a boss on the left side of the Ford Mustang T5 bellhousing for use with cable operated clutches. I'll be using a hydraulic clutch and might just cut this thing off. It would make the exhaust routing much easier.
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