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My New Oil Pressure Sensor

While driving home from work last Friday my oil pressure light flickered and came on for a second and then went off. It stayed off for the rest of the trip home. I checked the oil and it was at the top mark on the dip stick. A new oil pump was supposed to have been installed when the engine was rebuilt 22,000 miles ago. If the oil pump went bad, it seems like it would just stop working, not stop working for a moment and then start working again. I guessed that the oil pressure sensor was faulty. I tried to take the old one out but my sockets would not fit it. It seemed that maybe the pressure sensor needed a special sized socket and that turned out to be the case.

I bought a Made in Mexico NAPA ProFormer Mileage Plus Electrical oil pressure switch, part number MPE OP6281SB, for $7.47. "Fits Ford Falcon 1960 - 1966. Specifications: 3.0 - 8.3 PSI, 1 5/8” Long, 1/4-18 NPTF Dryseal Thread; W/Light. Mileage Plus value priced products meet Original Equipment quality and performance. They are designed to be a cost effective replacement part for the vehicle."

NAPA oil pressure switch MPE OP6281SB.jpg

I also bought a Made in USA NAPA Service Tools Professional 1500 Series Oil Pressure Switch Socket for vehicles with warning lights, part number SER 2569, for another $7.47. "Removes oil pressure sending unit on most engines. Socket has 1" & 11/16" hex opening plus recess to accommodate switch. Socket also fits some brake-light switches. Turn with a 15/16" wrench or 3/8" square drive tool. 3" length."

NAPA Oil Pressure Switch Socket 2569.jpg

I installed the new sensor this evening after dinner. The old sensor did not appear to have had Teflon tape on it so I just screwed the new sensor into the block without sealer or tape. The oil light lit when the key was turned on and went out after the car started like it is supposed to do. My wife and I took the car on an eleven mile a test drive and the light stayed off with no flickering. I looked at the sensor when we got back and did not see that it had leaked oil.

It seems to be OK.
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