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tools and stuff

There are numerous storage locker sites online. I have watched one for quite awhile, but mostly it is just clothes and junk. They post a few pictures of the unit, but you only see what is visible from the front. It is an auction bid and the high bidder gets the locker. Very similar to the TV storage wars show. When the bidding gets to the last 3 minutes, if someone bids higher, it goes another 3 minutes.
This one was my first ever bid. I really wasn't trying to win it. I was expecting it to go longer and bid $10 more than the last bid. Then I won it.
The locker I bid on was in Everett and you have to clean out the locker in a couple of days.
I know of a couple of people who have bought lockers and what they got, scared me. They had truck load after truck load of crap to get rid of, and they lost money.
So, it's a risk and it is a lot of work. It took me 5 pickup loads to get mine home. So now my garage is a disaster and I am not sure how to sell this stuff. Larry
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