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The Blue Wonder Falcon

Jay Leno says that sometimes he will buy an old car just because of the story that goes with it. Your story is amazing. $1700 back in 1977 would have been pretty expensive. Your Dad must have really been smitten by that car. And then you and your brother must have fallen under its spell also to be willing to put so much work into. And that was back when old Falcons were still everywhere, and most people just thought of them as old cars. And now you are still driving it and talking about what work each one of you did 34 years ago. Amazing. That is a very special car.

I love your bench seat! The second picture shows how it lets you spread out and get comfortable. Your upholstery looks great, and I can see that you have a padded dash and a lace-on steering wheel cover.

Everyone looks happy in the photos. Thanks for sharing them.

I really love Falcons. They just seem to draw and radiate happiness and good times. When people see mine, they light up and smile and say "My aunt had one!", "That was my first car!", or "My father had a beige one!".
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