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Ok, now my ignorance about engines is really coming out ...I had to google roller tappet vs flat tappet. Found some stuff real quick but want to look at some actual pics tonight so I can understand it better. It seems to make sense that roller tappets would have much less friction. But do the rollers also wear out?

I take it the falcon 6's are flat tappet?

The break-in oil I have in the car now has ZDDP. I think it's (the oil) been in there about a year...and so, I suppose when I get home I should actually change it...even though I only have 35 miles on it? Is that what you guys would do, or would you wait another year?

Meanwhile, I'm supposed to use the break-in oil for 500 miles...which may take a while at the rate I'm going. (I hope to get 100 miles in during a June visit.) After that, what oil with ZDDP are you guys actually using and is there a synthetic that has it, and if so can you go longer between changes since synthetic isn't supposed to break down as fast from just sitting there?

Meanwhile, I'm reading up on all the engine stuff, taking the comments from everyone and then reading up more online is a lot of fun. My wife is back tonight from helping my son move though and I'm sure there will be a list... but I'll be able to get into it more soon enough....maybe between 9 and 10 instead of all day.
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