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I wanted to wake this one back up as I am getting back to the van. My other projects are at a reasonable place and I can get back to the van at hand. Short story is I am done fighting the heat issues I am having with an inline 6. Moving to a 302 puts the exhaust headers outside my doghouse and the intake wont be bolted to the exhaust anymore.

The setup I am going for is a 302/AOD combo. Before I go crazy on internet research, is there a particular year range roller 302 to look for? EFI wont fit in my doghouse so is there anything to know when changing an EFI to a carb intake? I have to get an AOD from a Fox body mustang because it has the shorter tail shaft, perhaps this is a good era motor as well.

Larry mentioned heads, recommendation there? Im not looking for a race car, but a somewhat built street motor. I will be towing a small teardrop with it at some point but also want it to be fun.

Many opinions out there on all of this but I trust those here much better
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