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Out for a spin.

It's been raining day after day. The weather forecast for today was 70%, but it was supposed to start raining after 4 pm. So,.... I took a chance and drove The Wonder Falcon over to Tarpon Springs to have lunch in a Greek restaurant. The car is running nice nice nice nice nice! One benefit that I did not anticipate from all the new front suspension / steering parts that I added was that the car would steer so much easier. The steering feels really light now and it seems to take much less effort to turn the wheel. It must be all the freshly greased bushings and ball joints.

Anyway, we drove over to Tarpon and I parked in the middle of a line of Volkswagons, Hyundais, and Nissans. God Bless America! A group of people walked by and a woman said "Is that a 1963 Falcon?". I thought that it was so cool that not only did she recognize the car, but she was even recognized the year.


Notice the dark clouds in the right side of the picture. It wasn't supposed to rain until 4 pm but it started raining at 2. We drove home (Tampa) in the rain and I found that I need to angle the wiper arms up a bit because the wiper blades were hitting the lower windshield trim with a “thwack” on each downward stroke. While stopped at a red light I chatted with a guy who said that he liked the Falcon and that he "appreciated antiques". Driving this old Falcon is so much fun because people see it and a light bulb goes off in their heads and they say "I remember those cars!"
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