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Automotive mingling

Originally Posted by Jeff W View Post
Like this?
Yea! That's it. I liked the little cow heads. That was a really unique touch.

I stopped to get some gas on my way to work this past Friday morning. While there, a guy in a pickup said “Nice Falcon”. He smiled and told me that his grandmother had a Falcon convertible. When he was five years old she would let him sit in her lap when she drove her car. That was a nice story and it is nice that he remembers having good times with his grandmother. Then another guy stopped as he was pulling in and said that he liked my Falcon and that he has a 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix. I didn't know what they looked like so I googled an image later. It is a nice looking car, but too large for my taste. I like the lady in the background who is wearing the 1963-style elbow-length white gloves.
1963 Pontiac Grand Prix.jpg

I drove my Falcon to work again this morning and was surprised to see a buddy's 1970 Mustang in the parking lot.
F James' 1970 Mustang 006.jpg

LS James' 1970 Mustang 002.jpg
The car had not been running for some time and I like to think that my Falcon and my other friend's 1967 Fairlane provided some of the inspiration for him to get the Mustang going.

R James' 1970 Mustang 003.jpg
He said that I will need to re-take the pictures when he has the car painted. I told him that having the car painted in primer makes him look like a bad a**. He liked that.
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